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Recently ... /// 26.03.2013

... I took a portrait of Gary Kovacs for DIE ZEIT.
He is the CEO of the Mozillafoundation.

Last week it was published with a nice text of Marcus Rohwetter.

PDF (12.5 MB)
Germany takes a break
PDF (4.6 MB)

A project about taking a break, such a
contrast in a society which is determined
by efficiency and acceleration.

I was really enthusiastic when the
weekly newspaper DIE ZEIT suggested
photographing people during their breaks.

On the water
PDF (6.1 MB)

I recorded storys at the water for the annual report of the urban drainage Hanover last year.



24h Berlin
PDF (8.0 MB)

24h Berlin. This is the title of our book, which apperaed on the 5th September 2009 at Steidle.

36 photographers are telling their personal story of a day in septmeber in Berlin.All Pictures were taken on the same day inside of 24 hours.

Here you can see my contribution. The pcitures arose from the Oberbaumbrücke to the  Brandenburger Tor at the old wall of Berlin.



Transit Stills
PDF (3.7 MB)

The series »Transit Stills« came about in Istanbul, London and Moscow at various traffic junctions, for the exhibition »THE CITY – BECOMING and DECAYING«.

Pictured are, on the one hand, public places on the other they depict intimate surroundings. Especially for commuters who travel the same beaten track daily in a big city life.  The whole appears to be one swarming mass but observed close up and quietly, one becomes witness to a variety of short stories where apparantly each individual takes his part.

Continually one is searching for a place. One lets events happen, willingly sorts oneself out in the routine. Only so can daily life be mastered.


Toni de Cúber
PDF (8.5 MB)

Toni de Cúber lives with his family in
Mallorca. He is an artist, he restores 
carpets and he breeds the happiest 
donkeys on world. 

In summer i took pictures of him for 

Drive to hell
PDF (8.5 MB)

The Nürburgring redefines itself: it's racing towards the future as a huge leisure and  business centre. However the Eifel locals are sceptical and the town of Nürburg does after all have its own tradition.

The photos were taken on the opening day for the weekly newspaper DIE ZEIT.

Stepping down
PDF (6.1 MB)

The project »Stepping down« deals with leaving work-life due to (retirement) age.

For this essay, which is on-going, I photographed people in diverse jobs – from the professional soldier to the hospital nurse – on their last day at work. I am interested in how each protagonist passes this day, which rituals are observed and in which roles those present are trapped.

Last but not least the references to the future and the resulting question: which role does our society offer for the so-called third and usually last phase of life?

PDF (3.0 MB)

Monkey noises, rude remarks, flat tyres – it does not matter – Morris says. Much more terrible things could happen to a black man from Namibia in Eastern Germany. But not many.


PDF (4.1 MB)

Dardesheim is a small town in Saxony Anhalt.
It 's close to the old German border and in the north of the low mountain range called Harz. The residents call it the »Town of renewable energy« because energy is the main issue here.


God loves you
PDF (2.4 MB)

80 singles make a pilgrimage to Saint Anthony of Padua (Italy). At his grave in the »Basilika di St. Antonio« they pray for a good spouse.

During this project I worked together with Birgit Borsutzky.

Old people's home
PDF (4.1 MB)

Mr. Schwalmberg had imagined everything being totally different. He would have preferred to grow old in his summerhouse in the garden. »… where the ground was so fertile you could have put a walking stick in it and it would grow«.

The most beautiful thing Mrs. Gust can remember nowadays are the »woods of Posen«.

Mrs. Berghaus is comparing the seconds. She asserts, that »in the past they used to pass to quick and nowadays to slow.«

Here you can see a story about life in an old people’s home.

Essen Bredeney
PDF (3.9 MB)

Some of the richest Europeans live in Essen-Bredeney, well hidden away from the public: the Albrecht brothers.

This was the reason for »DUMMY-MAGAZIN« to have a closer look at this spot. An on-site inspection.

Industry + Science
PDF (3.8 MB)
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Frank Schinski was born in Prenzlau in 1975. He grew up in a small village near the Polish
border where he began a brick-layer apprenticeship. After a few years on building sites he
completed his school leaving exam. Later, instead of studying architecture he completed his
studies in photography at the University of Applied Arts and Sciences in Hannover (FHH).

Nowadays he works on independent projects which often relate to social themes. He also
works for national and international media as well as business clients. Since 2009 he
belongs to the Berlin photogragrapher’s agency »OSTKREUZ«.

2001 [kampnagel], Hamburg
2002 Kubus Hanover, »Hangover - Bilder einer unterschätzten Stadt«
2002 Photographyfestival in Perpignan, France
2002 Haus der Fotografie, Hanover
2002 VGH-Versicherung, Hanover
2003 »ausgezeichnet«, G+J in Hamburg
2003 »Europameister«, town hall Hanover
2005 MHH Kestnerschau, Hanover 
2006 LeadAward 2006 im »Haus der Photografie«, Hamburg
2007 »zug um zug .07«, price of the Sparda-Bank Hanover 
2008 LUMIX FESTIVAL for young journalism
2010 The City. Becoming and decaying, C/O Berlin


Nachwuchsförderpreis der VDI-Nachrichten
Member of the 4th Symposium for documentary photographie in Bad Herrenalb
Kodaknachwuchsförderpreis 2002
2003 – nominated for the World Press Masterclass
2006 – nominated for LEAD AWARD
2007 – nominated for  »zug um zug .07«, den Kunstpreis der Sparda-Bank Hannover
2007 – 1th price »BILDER DER FORSCHUNG« 
2008 – stipendium der VG BILDKUNST



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